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 How to start the best school year 

Do you want to put all the problems of the last school year behind you and start with a clean slate? How do you do that? Keep reading, and you'll find out!

Decide that this is a fresh, new school year. You can just leave all the problems, bad grades, resentments, enemies, and fights behind. Start all over again!

Buy all the school supplies you need. You will need a backpack, pencils, folders or  - all the things you need. Buy the folders you like best. Decorate them with stickers and drawings. The more you like your folder, the more you will want to carry it with you and do your homework!

Let people know by your demeanor that this is a whole new you! Don't hunch over your books or shake your head as you walk. Stand up straight, walk proudly, walk elongated, and let your books feel as if they are in the best of hands. Be friendly in the hallway, saying hello to your friends while essay help write your assignment and to new people you recognize in class. If you are new, remember that all newcomers are new as well. You can all make new friends this year. Look for friendly people in class, at lunch, or near your locker (or if you don't have a locker, near your desk). New friends will boost your self-esteem and you'll have a great time at school!

Join teams or clubs. Don't be afraid. Everyone else is just as nervous as you are. If volleyball is really what you wanted, but all your friends do soccer, play volleyball anyway, you'll make new friends on the team. You don't have to go with the same crowd, ask write my essay, all the time. Make friends in all the places, that way you'll feel comfortable anywhere.

Take notes in class and listen to the teacher! You've heard this many times before, but it's a good idea. If you take notes and listen to the teacher, you will save a lot of time on your homework, or click and you will really save time! That's what you go to school for. School is not just a place for you to sit at your desk and stare at chalk.

Learn. Decide right now that you will make an effort to do so. If you find it difficult to concentrate on your studies at home alone, consider finding a study partner or better yet, a study group (three or four people who agree to study together). You'll be surprised how much better your knowledge will improve when someone asks you, and how much less anxious you'll be about tests.

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