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AUA Meets With National Institutes on Aging Leadership

By Policy and Advocacy Brief posted 08-24-2021 14:53


On August 17, the AUA met with the National Institutes on Aging (NIA) leadership, including NIA Director Richard Hodes, MD. Meeting attendees discussed the need to diversify the urologic research workforce through AUA/NIA collaborative efforts in scholarship programs, supplemental grants, and increased mentorship opportunities for underrepresented minorities. Dr. Hodes noted the importance of collaboration within the urologic community and the NIA for programs with similar and overlapping goals such as co-morbidity research, focus on neurogenetics and incontinence, and the links to Alzheimer’s and urologic conditions in older adults.

A special thank you to the AUA Members who participated in this meeting:

E. Ann Gormley, MD

Member, AUA Board of Directors

Toby Chai, MD

Immediate Past Chair, Research Advocacy Committee

Tullika Garg, MD, MPH

Member, Research Council

Gail Prins, PhD

Member, Research Advocacy Committee

Charles Scales, Jr., MD, FACS, MS

Member, Research Advocacy Committee