New Telemedicine in Urology White Paper

By Policy and Advocacy Brief posted 8 days ago


As you are undoubtedly aware, telemedicine adoption has greatly accelerated within all specialties due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Over 70% of urologists adopted some form of telemedicine usage during the ongoing public health emergency. In 2016 the AUA Telehealth Workgroup released a white paper on Telemedicine in Urology, based on the state of adoption and usage at the time. With this unprecedented pandemic situation and increase in adoption also comes an influx of data and understanding. Telemedicine experiences in urology span the spectrum of the practice; from new consultations and surgery to virtual house calls and staff supervision.  

The current circumstances allowed the workgroup to update the white paper to reflect our new state of telehealth in this era of rapid adoption. The AUA is pleased to present the updated Telemedicine in Urology white paper. View the visual abstract here:Telemedicine_White_Paper_Visual_Abstract.pdf