AUA Begins Outreach to Freshmen Lawmakers

By Policy and Advocacy Brief posted 02-28-2021 13:49


On February 22, the AUA attended a policy webinar hosted by Representative Carolyn Bourdeaux (D-GA-07), a freshman member of Congress who is passionate about healthcare and hopes to serve on either the House Energy & Commerce Committee or House Ways & Means Committee during her congressional tenure. She addressed COVID-19 and subsequent vaccination disparities. Representative Bourdeaux also expressed support for the permanent expansion of the use and reimbursement of telehealth services, which the AUA has been strongly advocating for over the past twelve months. Finally, the congresswoman expressed the need for continued financial support of health care providers for the full duration of the public health emergency.


On February 24, the AUA attended a policy webinar with Representative Burgess Owens (R-UT-4), another freshman member of Congress who talked about restoring freedom of choice in American values, particularly when it comes to personal health care decisions. Representative Owens mentioned the importance of having access to COVID-19 vaccines and efforts to address all racial health disparities in light of the pandemic, which is a very important issue reflective in the AUA’s 2021 legislative priorities.


The AUA will continue meeting with first-term lawmakers in an effort to introduce urology and the AUA’s advocacy initiatives during the 117th Congress.

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