AUA Advocacy Snapshot: Week of May 27, 2019

By Policy and Advocacy Brief posted 05-30-2019 11:32


This week’s update includes information on advocacy to establish an Office of Men’s Health within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, as well as insurance updates relative to changes in payors’ prostatic urethral lift policies.

 Office of Men’s Health: AUA Continues to Advocate through Opinion Piece

On May 22, FierceHealthcare published an opinion piece – authored by AUA lobbying consultant and former U.S. Representative Dr. Phil Gingrey – supporting establishment of a new federal Office of Men’s Health through the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The AUA worked closely with our contract lobbying team, District Policy Group, to prepare this important column.

As a reminder, since last year, the AUA has been working closely with the patient advocacy group Men’s Health Network on creating an Office of Men’s Health. The goal is to have a single, coordinated effort within the federal government devoted to education, awareness and screening programs to improve the health of men in our country.

Efforts to draft and formally introduce legislation to establish this office are underway – with the AUA once again holding meetings with congressional offices on this matter in the coming weeks. We will keep you updated as the AUA continues to pursue this important initiative.

Practice Management: PMC Quick Bite - Max Reiboldt Discusses the Role of Urology in Clinically Integrated Networks

The AUA is proud to announce the return of its educational PMC Quick Bite series. This weekly series provides previews for full-length recordings of some of the presentations, lectures, and breakout sessions that was held at our 2019 Practice Management Conference. Previews for each recording will be featured weekly on the AUA Practice Managers’ Network online community. For our first installment of this series, we will give a brief preview of one of our key lectures at the PMC: The Role of Urology in Clinically Integrated Networks by Max Reiboldt.

Reiboldt’s presentation focuses on the functions of clinically integrated networks and how they can improve the overall quality of patient care.

“As payer reimbursement models evolve and cost is measured in increasing ways, it is more important than ever to embed specialists within network strategies and partner with them to coordinate care across the continuum.”- Max Reiboldt

Please enjoy this complimentary preview courtesy of the Practice Managers’ Network, which is available for stream or download here. The entire 2019 PMC Recording is available for the low cost of $299 and may be purchased here.

Insurance Updates: Week of May 28, 2019

Each week, the AUA publishes weekly updates on the latest insurance issues pertaining to urology. This week’s update includes important information on Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield’s revised medical policy for Charged Particle Radiotherapy. Also, Medical Mutual Health plan has a new Prostatic Urethral Lift medical policy where the UroLift System is medically necessary and eligible for reimbursement when all of their criteria are met. Aetna has revised its Erectile Dysfunction medical policy. All Ways Health Partners has updated its Prostatic Urethral Lift medical policy. Read the complete list of updates here.